Every Day is a Day for Animals & the Earth

Happy Earth Day Friends!

Spring is my fav time of year…and I think for Miss Caroline Kitty, too! She just luvs sitting in an open window, watching the squirrels and chattering to the birds. lol

I think Caroline has the right idea. Sometimes we get caught up in our daily routines and don’t give ourselves time to enjoy and appreciate the world around us. Earth Day is a purrrfect reminder to do just that!

Also, World Day for Animals in Laboratories is April 24…just two days away! Sooo hard to believe the suffering that animals used in research and testing have to endure. World Day is a time to be proactive for animals so others can acknowledge their suffering, too.

But Friends, every day can be a day for the animals and the Earth! Ran out of dish soap? Look for the Leaping Bunny and buy cruelty-free! Want to be a more active activist? Share action alerts on Facebook and forward e-newsletters from your fav groups with your personal endorsement. Need a few groceries? Walk instead of driving. Got some bottles and plastic containers? Reuse and recycle!

There’s so much we can do every day to help animals and protect the Earth. We just need to do them!

Auntie Viv

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